Bridging The Real Estate Community

FlippBidd is a user friendly application that provides Investors, Homeowners and other Real Estate Enthusiasts to locate, discuss and research real estate projects, rentals and various services from the palm of your hand.

  • Simple and Friendly Interface

    FlippBidd provides its users an intuitive interface. Real Estate investors and other enthusiasts can easily navigate the app to identify, research, locate RE projects, Rentals and Home Services.

  • All your Data is in the Cloud

    FlippBidd uses only the most secure servers in the business such as AWS to protect, share and download Real Estate, Rental and Services data. With FlippBidd you can feel confident your information is protected.

  • In-App User to User Messaging

    Emailing Texting and Calling can become time consuming. FlippBidd allows its users to Communicate, Share Documents and Pictures direct! All within its In-App Messaging feature.

  • Share with the Community

    Send RE Projects, Available Rentals and Home Services to other FlippBidd Users. Whether you are looking for an Investor for your private deal or referring a contractor to a family member, FlippBidd will send the RE Projects, Rentals or Service right to the users smartphone via Notifications.

FlippBidd Screenshots

Get a glimpse of our FlippBidd application. Our user friendly app provides the right features and functions to help you with your day to day real estate needs.

About FlippBidd App

Welcome to FlippBidd...Together we are Bridging the Real Estate Communities one user at a time. FlippBidd provides the user the ability to build a social network where Investors, Homeowners and other Real Estate Enthusiasts can discuss RE Projects, Rentals and Services direct via In-App Messaging. We provide a full Eco-System to the real estate community that is free to use right in the palm of your hand.